Why Parents Envy the Childfree Life!

Have you ever felt like parents envy you for being childfree? It’s no secret that having kids is a huge commitment and a life-altering decision. But what about those who have chosen to live a life without kids? We are often referred to as childfree, and we can be found everywhere, from the workplace to the supermarket. It’s no wonder why many people with kids are green with envy over the childfree life. 

This blog post will explore the benefits of living a childfree life and why people with kids might be a little (or seriously) jealous.


Unfortunately, in today’s society, parenting is often seen as the norm. But there are also those who choose to remain childfree, living their lives without the pressures and responsibilities that come with having children.

I am one of them. Are you?

The childfree lifestyle is a lifestyle that few people understand, and it can be difficult to explain to those unfamiliar with it. However, for those who have chosen to live a childfree life, there are many benefits that come with it.

While it’s true that many people with kids are content with their choice, there are some who can’t help but feel a little envious of those without kids. After all, childfree people have more freedom, flexibility, and opportunity. We have more ways to save money, more travel opportunities, and less stress and drama.

So, why do people who have children envy us?

Benefits of the Childfree Lifestyle

The benefits of living a childfree life are numerous and varied. For starters, not having children means more freedom and flexibility. Childfree people have more time and energy to pursue their own interests and passions. 

We have more freedom to travel, explore, and take risks. We can spend time with friends and family without the demands of parenting. You don’t need to be constantly looking at the clock to leave the party on time to pick your kids up or because you are late, and the babysitter will get upset.

Parenting is really expensive, and with no kids to support, childfree people have more disposable income. We can put that money towards investments, vacations, or whatever else they choose. Are you already doing that?

Childfree People and Their Ability to Save Money

As mentioned before, childfree people have more money to save and invest. We don’t have to worry about the costs associated with raising children, such as diapers, clothes, food, education, and more. This means that childfree people can put more money towards things like travel, retirement savings, or even starting a business.

Another great way that childfree people can save money is by living in a smaller home. Since we usually don’t need much space for a family, we can opt for a smaller, more affordable house or apartment. This means we can save money on rent or mortgage payments and put that money towards other things.

Greater Freedom and Flexibility

For those who have chosen to live a childfree life, there is greater freedom and flexibility. We have more time to pursue our own interests and goals. We can work when and where we want without having to worry about having to be home for the kids. This is so liberating for me… 🙂

We can go out and enjoy activities with friends or just relax and take some time for ourselves.

Childfree people also have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to travel. We can take off and go wherever we want and whenever we want without worrying about finding childcare or taking multiple trips to accommodate our children. They can explore the world without the hassle or expense of dealing with kids. Do you realize how fortunate we, the childfree, are?

More Travel Opportunities

Let’s be honest; childfree people have more travel opportunities. We can hop on a plane whenever we want to, just because we feel like it. Nobody depends on us, meaning we are free to live our lives entirely as we please! 🙂 

Go and explore the world without the hassle or expense of dealing with kids! Childfree people, immerse yourselves in different cultures and gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. 

It is a truly wonderful experience!

Furthermore, there are many experiences that only the childfree can enjoy, such as going to a childfree hotel or resort.

Less Stress and Drama

One of the most significant benefits of living a childfree life is that there is less stress and drama. While parents have to deal with the pressures and demands of raising children, we don’t have to worry about these, and we can enjoy more peace and quiet. 

This is something I am personally very thankful for. To put it mildly, I’m not too fond of the sound of children crying, and being around kids generally makes me really tired. 

Childfree people also have more time and energy to focus on things they enjoy. We can pursue hobbies, spend time with friends, or just relax and take some time for ourselves. 

We can enjoy a life free of worry and stress. I’m not saying we are immune to other stressful situations. However, just because we don’t have children, we have (or we should have) way less stressful lives.

More Reasons Why They Envy Us

  1. Freedom from colic challenges.
  2. Leisurely meals without whiny interruptions.
  3. Avoiding the terror of finding a spoiled sippy cup in your car.
  4. No worries about potty training a human.
  5. Escaping debates about breastfeeding.
  6. Makeup application without unwanted “help.”
  7. College savings directed toward retirement.
  8. Netflix space reserved for adult shows.
  9. The luxury of relaxing vacations.
  10. No need for midnight Tooth Fairy panics.
  11. Escaping the responsibility of upholding certain Christmas duties.
  12. No 5 AM wake-up calls due to wet mattresses.
  13. Gym visits (or whatever you are into) at your convenience.
  14. Freedom from the chaos of leaking juice boxes.
  15. Tub hygiene remains uninterrupted.
  16. Theoretical maintenance of a clean house.
  17. No need to find a babysitter for trips or appointments.
  18. The peace of not chaperoning field trips or dealing with forgotten permission slips.
  19. Your dry-clean-only clothes remain tear-free.
  20. No interruptions during intimate moments.
  21. No risk of stepping on LEGO pieces.
  22. Escaping the challenges of dealing with puberty.
I am 100% you can come up with MANY more… 😉

Handling Pressure From Family and Friends

Many childfree people face pressure from family and friends to have kids. People often assume that everyone should have children, and those who don’t can be seen as strange or different. But it’s important to remember that the decision to remain childfree is personal and should be respected.

Childfree people can handle the pressure from family and friends in a few different ways:

  • We can explain our decision and why it’s important to us.
  • We can politely decline any comments or questions about having children. It sometimes seems that people with children like to make you feel weird; they are too convinced that having children is what everybody should do. You might not change their minds. Therefore, you can avoid falling into their trap and starting a (not very productive) conversation with them about this. 
  • We can surround ourselves with others who understand and support our decision. I am always looking for more childfree friends; they are a great support system. 🙂

However, please remember that you are not obliged to explain yourself to anyone; only do so if it makes you feel better.

Embracing a Childfree Life

Living a childfree life is very rewarding and fulfilling. It’s important to always remember that it’s a personal decision and one that should be respected. 

Childfree people can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and opportunities that come with their lifestyle. We can travel, explore, and save money. We can pursue our own interests and passions. We can enjoy experiences that only the childfree can enjoy.

It can be challenging to handle the pressure from family and friends, but it’s important to remember that the decision to remain childfree is only yours.


The childfree life is incredibly fulfilling. It comes with many benefits, such as more freedom, flexibility, and opportunity. Childfree people have more money to save and invest, as well as more travel opportunities. We usually have less stress and drama in our lives.

It’s no wonder why many people with kids are green with envy over the childfree life. 

Always remember that the decision to remain childfree is a personal one, and it should be respected. Embrace the childfree lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!