How to Increase Sex Drive While on Birth Control

For many women, the decision to use birth control is an important one, providing peace of mind and control over reproductive health. However, some women may experience a decrease in their sex drive as a side effect of certain birth control methods. 

If you find yourself facing this issue, know that you are not alone. 

In this blog post, we will explore various techniques and lifestyle adjustments that can help increase your sex drive while on birth control, allowing you to maintain a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual relationship.

Understanding the Impact of Birth Control on Libido

Certain hormonal birth control methods, such as combination pills, progestin-only pills, patches, and hormonal IUDs, can affect sex drive by altering hormone levels.

These changes may lead to a decreased desire for sexual activity in some individuals. 

However, it’s important to note that not all women experience a decrease in libido while on birth control, and the impact can vary from person to person.

Strategies to Increase Sex Drive

  • Communicate Openly: Discuss your concerns and feelings with your partner. Open and honest communication is vital for maintaining a healthy sexual relationship and finding ways to navigate changes in libido together.

  • Explore Different Birth Control Options: If you suspect that your current method of birth control is negatively affecting your sex drive, consider discussing alternative options with your healthcare provider. They can help you explore different contraceptives that may have a lesser impact on libido.

  • Engage in Regular Exercise: Physical activity can boost your overall energy levels, improve blood circulation, and enhance mood, all of which can contribute to a heightened sex drive. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week.

  • Prioritize Self-Care: Reducing stress and prioritizing self-care can have a positive impact on your libido. Engage in activities that help you relax and unwind, such as practicing mindfulness, taking warm baths, or enjoying hobbies that bring you joy.

  • Optimize Your Nutrition: Maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Certain foods, such as avocados, almonds, and dark chocolate, are believed to have aphrodisiac properties and can help boost libido.

  • Explore Sensual and Intimate Activities: Engaging in sensual activities, such as massage, cuddling, or trying new ways of intimacy, can help foster emotional connection and increase sexual desire.

  • Incorporate Aphrodisiacs: Some herbs and natural supplements, such as maca root, ginseng, or fenugreek, are believed to enhance libido. Consult with your healthcare provider before trying any new supplements to ensure they are safe and suitable for you.

  • Seek Professional Advice: If your decreased sex drive persists and significantly impacts your quality of life, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or a sex therapist. They can provide personalized guidance and recommend specific strategies to address your concerns.


Experiencing a decrease in sex drive while on birth control is not uncommon, but it doesn’t have to define your sexual wellness. 

By implementing the strategies outlined in this blog post and exploring different options, you can take proactive steps to increase your libido and enhance your sexual relationship. 

Remember, each person’s experience is unique, so it’s essential to find the approaches that work best for you. 

Prioritizing open communication, self-care, and seeking professional guidance when needed will contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling sexual journey while on birth control.